TechSol, Inc.
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Companies Represented by TechSol, Inc.


Connectors - D-Subs,USB, Mini-Dins, USB, HDMI, Audio, DC Power Connectors, Audio Jacks, Modular Jacks, Optical

Cables- Custom Assemblies



Advanced Circuit Protection Devices: MOV, TVS, PPTC, GDT, Inrush Limiters, Thermistor and Thermistor Assemblies, Safety Capacitors.  Legacy Products:  Capacitors - Film, MLCC, AE, Ceramic.  Resistors - Leaded and SMD, Current Sense, Speciality/Custom and Standard Types



 Cable Drag Chain Systems, Labeling Systems, Cable Protection Conduit and Fitting Systems, Cable Entry and Holding Systems  







Super High Flex and Robust

Cables-Robotics, Factory Automation

Medical use, Machine Vision

             Flexible Printed Circuit Boards-Long, Power, Hith Temp, 3DFPC'S,






AC/DC Fans, Blowers, Fan Tray Assemblies,

AC Induction Motors,

PTC Heaters




Hydraulic-Magnetic Circuit Breakers. Thermostats, GFCI/ELCI with a Circuit Breaker











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